Friendship & Solidarity
Day of Shining Star Marked Abroad

Day of Shining Star Marked Abroad

Such political and cultural events as celebration meetings, seminars, meetings for adopting congratulatory messages, round-table talks, lectures, friendly gatherings, book and photo exhibitions and film shows took place in Cuba, Mongolia, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Kuwait, Pakistan, Belarus, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Guinea, Nigeria, Senegal, Algeria, Angola, Uganda, Equatorial Guinea, Tanzania, Mexico and Venezuela from Feb. 6 to 18 to mark the 81st birth anniversary of Chairman Kim Jong Il.
Present at the events were personages of the governments, political parties, organizations and institutions and masses of those countries.
Screened at the film shows were a film dealing with the sacred revolutionary career and exploits of the Chairman, a video showing the ardent reverence of all people for him, etc.
Speeches were made at the events.
The speakers praised the world-historic exploits of Chairman Kim Jong Il who had steadily advanced the socialist cause and the cause of independence against imperialism and the noble moral obligation of the General Secretary who opened a new chapter of the cause of immortalizing the leaders and expressed their support and solidarity for the just cause of the Korean people.
A congratulatory message to the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un was adopted at the event held in Mongolia.