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Stories about DPRK-China Friendship during Korean War(2)

 Stories about DPRK-China Friendship during
Korean War(2) 

Confession of a CPV Veteran after 40 Years
A conferment ceremony was held in Mansudae Assembly Hall in October 1990.
An Order of the National Flag 1st class of the DPRK was conferred upon former CPV man  Li Yuan who was known martyred after making heroic exploits in the Korean war.
Then how was this CPV man found after 40 years?
It was a KPA soldier who first saw him in a critical state passing by in the Songgolbong battle.                
A moment’s delay would cause the loss of the life of the dear CPV man. So the KPA man ran all night with him on his back for a village to bring him to life. And all those villagers devoted their sincerity. Later after moving from hospital to hospital he was sent back to the home country.
From then on he lived as a plain man without telling his merits. He thought it natural to sacrifice himself for the sake of the fatherland and against common enemy.
He confessed recalling the fierce days of the Korean war that he would have been buried long ago on the side of Songgol Hill, if the KPA man and Korean brothers did not save him. 

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