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Another Foundation Laid for Making Chemical Industry Juche-oriented.

Another Foundation Laid for Making
Chemical Industry Juche-oriented


Spectacular successes have been achieved for Juche orientation of chemical industry, a hardcore industry of the country, on the march for the fulfilment of the five-year plan for national economic development in hearty response to the decisions of the 8th Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea and the plenary meetings of the Party Central Committee.
A large-scale sodium carbonate production process of Korean style was built to be opened at the Namhung Youth Chemical Complex, a leading chemical industrial base.
Scientists, researchers and workers of the complex true to the noble intention of the Party to turn the structure of the chemical industry of the country into Juche-based industry reliant upon local raw materials took out the whole existing production process and successfully built sodium carbonate production process corresponding to the appearance of the leading chemical base.
With the completion of the sodium carbonate production process, the most important in the implementation of the Party economic policy, the Party decision to perfect sodium carbonate industry with glauberite as the starting raw material was successfully carried out and a breakthrough was made in the efforts to raise the self-supply rate of basic chemical goods and help the economy and people’s life share in the benefit of chemical industry.
On August 26, the sodium carbonate production process of the Namhung Youth Chemical Complex was opened with due ceremony on the spot.