Friendship & Solidarity
Glory to the ever-victorious WPK
To the International E-seminar on the occasion of the 75th Founding Anniversary of the Workers' Party of Korea (October 10, 2020) under the theme
Korea: Ever-Victorious with Independence

Glory to the ever-victorious WPK

Submitted by: Damian Uzoma Ogbonna
Most Esteemed Comrades,
On behalf of myself, the African regional friendship committee and the  rank and file of Peoples Progressive Party of Nigeria, I will like to begin by expressing our highest respect to the highly esteemed President KIM IL SUNG, the indomitable Chairman  KIM JONG IL, and his most excellent Supreme Leader, His Excellency KIM JONG UN, who together will live forever in the hearts of progressive peoples all over the world as the eternal bearers of the torch of Juche for their undying exploits performed for the Korean revolution and the cause of global independence.
On this occasion, we reminiscence with deep emotion the great and extraordinary achievements made under their wise leadership of the Workers’ Party of Korea and the entire Korean nation.
Today, the world is a community of hope for all peoples because of their sacrifices and selfless service to humanity. Under the wise and fearless  leadership of their excellences, the Workers’ Party of Korea embraced and propagated the world-renowned Juche-Songun masterpiece,  which  integrated  the  masses  and  the  military  into  a  single,  strong  and unyielding driving force of the revolution and socialist construction of the nation.
In doing so,  the  WPK  enabled  the  people  to  jettison  the  yoke  of  age-old  exploitation  and oppression  and  to  become  aware  of  their  own  capabilities  and  status,  thereby  taking control  of  the  times,  revolution  and  history. 
The  Korean  people,  under  the  strong leadership  of  the WPK,  armed  themselves with  the  Juche  and  Songun  ideas  to wage  a righteous and arduous struggle relying on their own strength to liberate the country from the Japanese colonialist and to this day continue to boast historic victories against global imperialism.
The  Democratic  People’s  Republic  of  Korea  is  known worldwide  as  a  country  of  strong independence as it always maintains the principle of independent politics, self-supporting economy  and  self-reliant  in  national  defense.  
 It is recognized as a “country of independence” and a “country of principle” in the world political circles.
It neither dance to the tune of others nor yields to any power and outside forces in the international arena, but says what it has to say and does what it has to do.
It also conducts state building and activities independently and in conformity with its actual conditions.
The modern  history of  Korea  is  formed  on  the bedrock of  the  Juche  idea  as  its  guiding principle.
This ideology sustained the people through the arduous journey in the struggle for independence. 
It has constantly adhered  to  the  line of  independence  in politics, self-sufficiency  in  the  economy  and  self-reliance  in  national  defence,  and  the  ideal  of independence, friendship and peaceful coexistence in external relations.
Throughout its history, the DPRK has resolutely rejected the intervention and pressure by great-power chauvinists and kept to the independent stand, insisting that there can be big and small countries but no senior and junior ones in international relations.
Many  socialist  countries  collapsed nearly  at  the  same  time  after dancing  to  the  tune of others,  but  socialist  Korea  remains  as  strong  as  ever. 
The  country’s  politics  of independence  owes  much  to  President  KIM  IL  SUNG  who  founded  the  country.
He maintained  the  principle  of  independence  throughout  his  life  and  rendered  immortal services to the times and history, upholding the banner of independence, President KIM IL SUNG authored the Juche idea, the gist of which is that the masses of the people are the masters and the driving force of the revolution and construction;  in other words, it means that man is the master of his own destiny and has the strength with which to  carve  out  his  destiny. 
Since this audacious proclamation, the Korean revolution has vigorously advanced along the road of independence.
The banner of independence upheld by President KIM IL SUNG is a great power of strength and encouragement to the Korean people who are achieving eye-opening successes  in  the socialist construction with a  firm stand  of  independence,  and  also  to  the  progressive  peoples  of  the  world  who  are struggling for the realization of global independence.
His Excellency Comrade KIM JONG IL, the eternal Chairman of the DPRK National Defence Commission,  was  also  a  great  master  of  independent  politics,  who  is  worth  special mention in the world history of politics.
The  line of Songun politics advanced by H.E. KIM  JONG  IL who carried  forward  the  ideas and cause of President KIM IL SUNG, was to all intents and purposes an independent line ensuring  reliable  defence  of  the  sovereignty  and  dignity  of  the  country  by  efforts  of Koreans  in  today’s  world,  in  which  the  moves  of  aggression  and  arbitrariness  of  the imperialist superpower has reached the extreme.
The  stand  and  attitude  the  DPRK  Government  assumed  in  its  confrontation  with  the United  States  in  recent  years  give  a  glimpse  into  its  attaching  great  importance  to independence.
Today, the international community is showing special interest in the mode of development peculiar to the DPRK, which has followed the road of its choice without failure for over 70 years.
Thanks to the wise leadership and sovereign policy of H.E. KIM JONG UN, the Korean people continue to develop and advance towards a brighter future without any hesitation or vacillation even under the harshest-ever sanctions by the hostile foreign forces.
As we speak, the Korean people are showing the strength of the powerful country they are building by creating numerous wondrous events and world-class structures under leadership of H.E. KIM JONG UN.
The people have confidence in the powerful state of their land and cherish the future of their first-class nation.
Under the leadership of His Excellency KIM JONG UN, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea  has  attained  high  authority  in  international  arena  as  the  bulwark  of  socialism, a fortress of anti-imperialist independence and a global spokesperson of justice and truth.
Therefore, we take advantage of this great occasion to give a most befitting honor to the Workers’ Party of Korea in demonstration of the unanimous wish and desire of the progressive peoples of the world who hold the great President KIM IL SUNG and Chairman KIM JONG IL as the eternal sun of Juche and Songun and H.E. KIM JONG UN as the sun who leads to victory the cause of global independence of the 21st century.
Uzoma Ogbonna
National Chairman of Peoples Progressive Party of Nigeria
Chairman of African Committee for Friendship and Solidarity with the Korean People
Co-chairman of the Organizing Committee of the International Festival in Praise of the
Great Persons of Mt. Paektu (OCIFPGPP)

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