The great persons of Mt. Paektu
To Initiate New Chapter of People-First Policy in History


To Initiate New Chapter of People-First Policy
in History


Korean style socialism is based on the people-first policy.
Its fundamental characteristics lies in the principle that everything of the state and society serves the masses of people, all the problems are solved relying on their strength and for their demand and in their interests.
It cannot be thought of apart from the immortal exploits of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il who devoted their all to the people with the “People are my God” as their lifetime motto.
Many beautiful stories on their love for the people had been made in their sacred lifetime journey.
One day, an official anxious for his health, requested him to have a rest at least one day, But the president declined his request saying to this effect: As an old saying goes, King is easy when vassals work hard. Since I am the subject of the people and the people are my King, I have to work hard to make them live free from care. As he said this, he continued the journey for the on-the-spot guidance.
The decades of the DPRK’s advance straight to victory are attributable to their hard work for going among the people to know their demand and aspirations to reflect them in the state policies as well as leading the revolution and construction by mobilizing their strength and wisdom.
Today, succeeding their idea of the “People are my God”,  Respected Comrade
Kim Jong Un
gives precedence and absoluteness to the convenient life of the people under the slogan of “Everything for the people and relying on them” and is pushing his way through for the improvement of the people’s livelihood.
The invincible might of the DPRK’s socialism and the people-first policy are inconceivable apart from the leader’s ardent love of people. 

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