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Changed Test Run Time

Changed Test Run Time

Late at night on November 19, 2015, General Secretary Kim Jong Un gave guidance to the test run of subway train made by the Korean workers with their own strength and technology.
There was a story concerning the test run which took place late at night.
A few days ago General Secretary Kim Jong Un called an official on the phone to ask about the test run of a newly-made subway train.
When he was told of the answer, he said it was good if the test run of the subway train went well and he wanted to take a ride in the subway train tomorrow.
He proposed to produce subway train to be used by the people and acquainted himself with the production several times a day to give a detailed guidance. When the subway train came into being, he came to the spot to examine it.
The official told him of the spare time of the hours when the metro was in operation. General Secretary Kim Jong Un told him that he wanted to take a ride in the subway train after the operation of the metro in order not to give inconvenience to the people who used it. After all, the test run of the underground subway train took place in the presence of General Secretary Kim Jong Un at night when the people was sleeping soundly.