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Bunches of Flowers to Educational Workers

Bunches of Flowers to Educational Workers

It was September 6, 2019.
The participants in the 14th National Meeting of Teachers had an honor of having a photo session with the General Secretary Kim Jong Un.
In fact, the meeting was held at the building of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea just before the start of the photo session. It was a major agenda item to prevent damage caused by Typhoon No. 13, which is expected to have a profound influence on the whole area of the country under the leadership of Kim Jong Un.
On the previous day General Secretary Kim Jong Un worked night and day to take one step after another to cope with the Typhoon 13.
He gave instructions on the measures to cope with typhoon No. 13 every day and night.
At the end of the meeting the officials asked him to rest for a while, but he came to the place where the photographing was ready.
When the meeting was over, the officials earnestly told him to take a rest even for a moment, but he came straight to the studio.
He said it was important to prevent the damage by the typhoon and it was important as well to meet and congratulate the participants in the meeting of teachers.
Man and woman teachers who were holding bunches of fragrant flowers made bows to him.
When the head of a department of Kim Chaek University of Technology presented a bunch of flowers to Kim Jong Un in reflection of the unanimous wishes of all educators across the country, General Secretary Kim Jong Un gave the bunch of flowers back to the teacher, saying that the bunch of flowers should be given not by me but by teachers.
And then when the teacher of the Sinpha Primary School presented the bunch of flowers, he also gave the bunch of flowers back to her.