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Preservation of National Heritage Brisk



Preservation of National Heritage Brisk



Kaesong City is pushing ahead with the preservation of  national  cultural inheritance in hearty response to the noble intention of the Workers’ Party of Korea  to  well  reserve  historic  remains  and  relics  showing  the  resourcefulness, talents and brilliant culture of the Korean people in their  origin.
The officials of relevant field and working people  in  Kaesong  preserve historic relics on a regular basis and at the same time steadily push ahead with the repair and management of historic remains and relics according to a phased plan.
After all, in this year alone the historic remains have been restored to the original state in Kaesong.
Kaesong City is also pushing ahead with repair of the historic remains of scenic Pagyon Falls.
 The officials of the Kaesong City Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, mindful of the importance and significance of the  preservation  of national inheritance, are conducting powerful political work on the spot and at the same time securing many supplies to encourage  the  employees  of  relevant field.
 They also are pushing ahead with supply of building materials and solving knotty problems at construction sites as the repair of the historic remains and relics is conducted under the unfavorable conditions.
National Authority for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of the Ministry of Culture and various units in the city are helping the preservation and management of the historic remains and relics in their origin materially and morally.
Officials and working people in the Kaesong city, not contented with the successes, set a higher goal and work hard to keep alive the special character of the city well known for its many historic remains and relics and carry forward the long history of the Korean nation, brilliant culture and excellent national traditions through a powerful preservation activity of national inheritance.