The great persons of Mt. Paektu
Great Leader (4)



 World and Great Man

Great Leader (4)

 Pierre Ndje (Congo)   
(continued from the last issue)
President Kim Il Sung was the incarnation of benevolence firstly helped our country with sincerity and a fabulous hero and fighter who laid a solid broad avenue for friendship between our country and the DPRK and independence against imperialism.
Through this broad avenue of friendship and unity, the first parliamentary delegation headed by President Angor Léon of our country visited Pyongyang and then President  Massemba had an honor to meet President Kim Il Sung to have valuable instructions and bonds of friendship and unity have been further cemented on it.                
 In those days President Kim Il Sung regarding our trouble as his own,  always helped us with sincerity.
It was when the building of schools in our country became the order of the day during the early days of building a new country.
The education in our country that lagged far behind modern civilization is more urgent and important than any other work.
Our president who knew well that outdated education hinders the development of the country unbosomed himself to President Kim Il Sung.
Noting that it is a very important matter, President Kim Il Sung said that a technical school you mentioned is the same with a university of technology, we can build it as you required and also provide you with some machine tools needed for practice of students and send technicians able to build it and take charge of its design.
And so our president returned home in a feeling as if going up to heaven.
Even after that President Kim Il Sung has solved the knotty problems arising from the building of the school and it proceeded with animation.
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