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Korean Ssirum

Korean Ssirum

This painting “Ssirum (Korean Wrestling)” is a work of famous Korean painter Kim Hong Do (1745-?).
The Korean Ssirum is a sports game pertaining to the Korean nation with a long history. The Ssirum players drawn on the mural paintings of Koguryo (B.C.277-A.D. 668) and records of history books concerning Korean Ssirum show the long history of the Korean Ssirum.
On national holidays there took place large-scale Ssirum matches whose grounds were crowded with the people of all ages and both sexes who demonstrated an unyielding spirit and cheering zeal.
The Korean Ssirum with a long history and traditions is still fostered in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Grand Bull Prize National Ssirum Contest takes place on the occasion of Chusok (15th day of the eighth lunar month), one of the national holidays, every year.
The Korean Ssirum has been registered as a typical nonmaterial cultural heritage at the 13th meeting of the intergovernmental committee for protecting UNESCO nonmaterial cultural heritage held in the Republic of Mauritius in November, 2018.