Friendship & Solidarity
Road Covered Together, Road to Be Covered Together


Road Covered Together, Road to Be Covered Together


-to mark tenth anniversary of establishment of Jindallae Children’s Foundation
How shift is the flight of time!
It seems only yesterday that the busy days passed to establish the Jindallae Children’s Foundation.
The Jindallae Children’s Foundation dear to our children!
Though there were difficulties, all of the people worked hard to take the lead in the implementation of the State’s Childcare Policy.
Mrs. Jindallae Saphariny and helpers of justice overseas have done a lot of good things for the children in the face of difficulties.
We express thanks to them.
Ten years of the foundation is associated with the efforts of a great many personages at home and abroad. They, to say nothing of the members of the foundation, have a very warm heart.
The ten year-long road we covered together with them and  there is a long journey to be covered together with them.
We will go on with smile because the road is for the future and posterity and it is difficult yet pleasant and worthy.
Let’s go together for the smile of the children!
Let’s go together for the happiness of children for 20 years or even a hundred years!
-     Jindallae Children’s Foudation Office-