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General Base of Architectural Creation and Research

General Base of Architectural
Creation and Research

The Paektusan Institute of Architecture in Pyongyang is a comprehensive base of the architectural creation and research.
In the past it made a great contribution to the development of architecture in the country by designing many monumental architecture and dwelling houses of the people.
All the structures newly built or renewed in Pyongyang and provinces including the Monument to Party Founding, Rungna Dolphinarium, Ryugyong Health Complex, People’s Outdoor Ice Rink, Pyongyang International Airport, Pyongyang International Football School and Sonhung Foodstuff Factory are permeated with efforts of the designers of this institute.
Chairman Kim Jong Il (1942-2011) saw to establish this institute in July 1982, christened its name and guided several times on the spot.
The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un saw to renew it splendidly and presented latest designing equipments to make it a model in the designing sector.

The institute turned to an authoritative group of architectural creation and research under his leadership.