Korean National Peace Committee


The name of the Committee is the Korean National Peace Committee, hereafter called KNPC. It was established at a conference held in Pyongyang, the capital city of the DPRK on March 24, 1949.
Headquarter of the committee is located in Pyongyang
Objectives and activities
KNPC regards it as the main principle of its activities to achieve reunification and a lasting peace in the Korean peninsula and build a new world, independent peaceful and free from war, in accordance with the ideal of independence, friendship and peace, and works for the following objectives:
1)   To replace the Korean Armistice Agreement with a peace agreement, relax tension and military confrontation between the north and south and achieve the peaceful reunification of the country by way of confederation and on the three principles of national reunification.
2)   To eliminate all mass destruction weapons, including nuclear weapons, on the globe, reduce conventional weapons and realize a general and complete disarmament.
3)   To dissolve all military blocs and withdraw all foreign troops and ‑­
4)   military bases in the territory of other countries.
5)   To make the Korean peninsula, Northeast Asia and the rest of the world nuclear weapon-free and peaceful.
6)   To oppose all forms of imperialism, colonialism, racism and Zionism and establish a new international economic order based on respect for national independence and sovereignty, territorial integrity, non-interference in internal affairs of other countries, equality, mutual benefit and fairness.
7)   To settle the racial, national, religious and other disputes in a peaceful way.
8)   To protect the environment and ensure sustainable development.
9) To promote co-operation and solidarity with other national peace organizations, international and regional organizations, anti-nuke and environmental organizations and individuals that pursue similar objectives.