The Pyongyang International Cultural Exchange Society (PICES) works with the purpose of contributing to the development of the culture of mankind and the building of a just and peaceful new world by way of publicizing abroad the long history, culture and tradition of Korea and developing the cultural exchange and cooperation with foreign organizations and individuals.

The PICES works with a relative independence as a non-profiting and non-governmental social organization and its HQs is in Pyongyang, capital city of the DPR Korea.

The PICES assists the foreigners’ activities of writing and publishing various works introducing the politics, the economy, history and culture of the DPRK.

The PICES has invited personages from different countries in Asia, Europe, Africa and America, who are interested in writing about the DPR Korea and provided them with visits, interviews and relevant information based on their requests to assist their writing activities.

Discussion on book writing with a Russian writer 1
Organizing visits to different places for book writing
of a German writer 4

With collaboration of the PICES, books and poems are being published in different countries.

In 2018 several kinds of books introducing the DPR Korea were published in Europe including Russia and Cyprus and there was a significant publishing ceremony with the participation of the PICES staff in Venezuela.

A gathering introduces collection of poems written by
Ms. Lyudmila Avzeeva, a Russian poet 2
Publication ceremony of books introducing the DPR Korea
opens in Venezuela 5

The PICES encourages to organizes and execute at home and abroad an exhibition or fair of the books, photographs, works of art, embroidery and other creations of culture in order to strengthen cultural relations with various counties of the world.

An exhibition of books, photos and fine arts opens in Krasnoyarsk 3

The PICES opened an exhibition of books, photos and fine arts in Krasnoyarsk, Russia in October, 2018 and supported organization of online exhibition of books and fine arts introducing the DPR Korea in different countries and regions.

The PICES promotes the exchange and cooperation among the cultural centers such as museums, exhibitions and libraries, and encourages and promotes the reciprocal exchange of delegations.

In collaboration with the PICES Sweden-DPRK Cultural Exchange Association was established to promote cultural exchanges between the two countries in the end of 2018 in Stockholm.

Mr. Gerard Depardieu, a French actor
visits the DPR Korea 4

The PICES has a special interest in the exchange of men of culture including writers, artistes and professors, and actively supports to bring it into reality.

On the other hand, the PICES develops the exchange and cooperation of cultural information of varied types through internet and launches various activities of publicity through it.

The PICES welcomes the personages of all circles hoping to visit the DPRK with an idea of independence, peace and friendship and helps them in possible extent.

In September, 2018 the PICES realized the visit of Mr. Gerard Depardieu, a French actor to the DPR Korea and supported other personages from different countries and regions to visit the DPR Korea.